Growing Roots is now accepting online donations through PayPal. If you would like to make a contribution to Growing Roots, please click on the button below.

Should you like to specify where your donation is directed you may do so while making the donation with PayPal. You may choose from the following branches of Making Roots:

Mercy Relief allows us to support our local leaders and communities during times of crisis. These funds are used for food, water, and medical relief.

Camp Hope is a free summer camp that serves 130 children/youth in the Northwest part of Haiti. The children enjoy creative arts, sports enrichment, theater, music, and a food program. Camp Hope also helps us provide jobs to the local people.

We use murals to restore people, relationships, and communities through art and support jobs to local people. For 250.00 you can help us create a mural that will bring restoration to a community.

Planting Project is a project that supports child/youth with their education expenses. A $130 donation will allow one child to attend school.

The average trip to Haiti ranges from $700. This fund would support Leah and Caitlin directly in their expenses during their trip and stay.

If you would like to sponsor a specific child for $20 a month please select the child of your choice below and click the subscribe button.

Sponsored Child

If you are interested in serving with Growing Roots please click here to download our letter of introduction and click here for our application.

Please complete the application and email to or send a copy to:

Growing Roots
PO Box 255871
Dorchester, MA 02125

Thank you your interest.  Growing Roots will contact you a week after receiving your application.